Optimise. Perform. Repeat.


Next best Target uses the most modern data sciences algorithms, that in conjuction with your historical data, builds a predictive model to help you decide your next best action.


Next Best Target easily integrates with your current software, from CRM to in-house systems, so taking advantage of all data optimizations will require no extra effort on your daily work.


The NBT process is iterative. We continously optimise the model to learn from most recent information. Integration with your software makes the continuous-optimization easy and seamless.

Some numbers?

At Next Bext Target we love numbers. It's all about numbers for us.

To better understand what we do, how we go it and what you will achieve when you start optimizing your outbound campaigns with Next Best Target, let's see some numbers


Prediction algorithm variants used. And counting.

x 3

Gain for the top 10% of entries as average

< 2s

Execution time for an average model with all variants

1 million

Up to 1 million rows in a single campaign with up to 200 columns

Real Time Predictions

Build your model and use it to take the best decissions based on Real Time predictions.


Connect to Next Best Target using the NBT REST APIs, send your data and evaluate your model to get Real Time predictions.


Combine the data from different models to get a business recommendation rather than just a prediction .


Apply your own business rules to decide what is your next best action

Smart Tuning Algorithm


Each campaign data set is unique. The Smart Tuning Algorithm tests more than 45 variants of best fine-tuned predictive statistical algorithms and evaluates which variant fits bests for the data of each campaign.


Next Best Target algorithms and strategies are tested on hundreds of similar campaign scenarios to find out how to best apply the predictive algorithms to each particular data set.


Next Best Target is constantly enriched with new algorithms and techniques based on the learnings from all campaigns and the most advanced researchers, that improves the results every execution.


Next Best Target usage is iterative. You can use it each day on each campaing. Each execution adds new data and valuable information that is used to get better results each day.

Measure your improvements

Understand your data

Next Best Target histograms and reports will help you to understand what data columns and values are more significant while processing your model.

Compare your results

Gain graphics and validation on tests and control dataset will forecast the gain you expected to see when using the processed dataset.

Track your Executions

Track your weekly progress for each campaign on the platform weekly reports for a better view of your improvements over the time.

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IT friendly

Let's avoid IT headaches. Let's be IT friendly. 


Next Best Target integrates smoothly with your existing software, from your CRM to your in-house backends, by using the NBT agent on your system or by any of the integration APIs.


Next Best Target can read your data from mutiple sources such us databases, plain files, excel files. Each campaign has its own configurable source and destination of data.


Next Best Target is iterative by nature. Automating the iterative process is in the core of the platform. Schedule when each campaign will be evaluated, to best fit with your timetable.

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